What began in a tent meeting on O’Neal Avenue in 1908, grew quickly into a regular Sunday school class and a mission work on the west side of Hopkinsville. This outreach of Hopkinsville Baptist, under the direction of pastor E.J. Wells, was eventually incorporated as the Second Baptist Church of Hopkinsville in 1910. From that small step of faith, Second Baptist not only started, but flourished in its ministry for God. Over a hundred years later, Second Baptist is no longer the missionary start, but now the starter of missions having helped build and grow three different congregations. That humble and faithful group of believers built a church that has pioneered radio and television ministries in Christian county. They have supported missionaries both locally and around the world through generous gifts to the Southern Baptist Cooperative program. They have been a beacon of hope to the west side of Hopkinsville through good times and bad.

Today, the church continues to be faithful to the history and traditions of its past while keeping both eyes focused very closely on where God will lead next. We hope that you will come and join us. Come and be a part of the history that is still being written; for as wonderful as Second Baptist’s past may be, we believe the best is yet to come!